Supervisor A/C warehouse handling expert (M/F)

Jamaica, NY (United States of America)


The Aircraft Handling/Warehouse Handling Expert is responsible for managing all Cargo Operation affairs and to maintain service standards as defined under Lufthansa Cargo guidelines. She/he is also responsible for ensuring all handling agent staff are trained to Lufthansa Cargo standards, cross skills ability achievement and maintaining analysis of costs/budget achievement and performance.


Within the operational targets set by Manager Handling F/GC-H or Head of Sales & Handling F/GC the Aircraft Handling/ Warehouse Handling Expert performs the following duties:

Operations and Warehouse Handling

  • Support the implementation of the local/regional operations business plan.
  • Support the implementation of local/regional measures meant for the support of the worldwide handling strategy.
  • Assists in the analysis of cost/budget achievements/service element and performance.
  • Monitors the operational performance for all aspects of the LCAG product.
  • Continuously develops process improvements within export and import cargo services, in close cooperation with the key interfaces.
  • Liaises with the GHA to encourage ongoing communication and promote desired service levels.
  • Monitors the performance of subcontractors to ensure required performance levels and requests required corrective action.
  • Assists in the management of all Warehouse installations, including stock keeping and functional control.
  • Takes responsibility for handling of mail OAL, DGR storage, DGR training, FAA and TSA regulations, warehouse/weight and volume checks and any irregularities.
  • Issues written and verbal communication to LCAG customer base involving Imports/Exports, Express and special product issues.
  • Works according to documented Quality Manual procedures, takes responsibility for the quality system, and promotes a preventative culture using the tools provided.
  • Reports and coordinates of all handling issues with key interfaces.
  • Assists in the management of all warehouse affairs and documentation, including handling of flights and trucks, storage of cargo, physical acceptance and delivery of cargo. In charge of equipment/ULD’s (unit loading device) other loading material.
  • Optional L- / B-Level responsibilities.


  • Adheres to all published LCAG network & performance standards.
  • Implements continuous process improvements within area of responsibility.
  • Optimizes the means of communication between local units & key interfaces.
  • Leads the team, promotes and ensures people development incl. employee evaluations.
  • Ensures the highest possible standards of health & safety, efficiency and cleanliness
  • Performs all other duties assigned or delegated by supervisors.

Local / Regional Specifics:

For the ATL F/XU only:

  • Export/ Import Handling
  • Processes export and import inquires as per LCAG requirements and procedures such as:
    • Goods acceptance including “Ready for carriage” check
    • Processing of discrepancies at acceptance
    • Preparation and finalization of outbound flights/trucks
    • Preparation and handling of inbound flights /trucks
    • Handling of import documentation (delivery, transfer and abandoned shipment)
  • Processes all Air Waybills and HAWBs and ensures accurate data capture as per company’s requirements and procedures.
  • Handles Special Cargo.
  • Initiates invoicing, accepts cash payments.
  • Performs Service Recovery activities (i.e. tracing, warehouse checks, offloads).
  • Performs Airmail Handling.
  • Fully supports the quality standards.
  • Works according to documented CHM and GOM procedures.
  • Observes and applies the security requirements of LCAG and local authorities
  • Contacts customers, informs them of any/all irregularities.
  • Handles “BIG” or “OVER LAP” requests as per established procedures.

Your profile


  • High School diploma/ GED required.
  • University Degree or equivalent higher education diploma

Professional Experience

  • 3-6 years’ export and import warehouse operations experience
  • Knowledge of warehouse and logistics management


  • Fluent English required.
  • German desired.
  • Other language required.

Industry Knowledge

  • Qualification according to CHM / GOM

IT Knowledge

  • Computer Literate

Personal Competencies

  • Good Analytical Skills
  • Good Business Sense.
  • Strong Cost consciousness
  • Strong Detail oriented
  • Good Innovation
  • Strong Communication
  • Strong Understanding of mathematical concepts
  • Excellent Problem Solving
  • Strong Project Management
  • Excellent Quality consciousness
  • Excellent Productivity driven
  • Strong Reasoning Ability
  • Excellent Safety and Security
  • Good strategic thinking
  • Good leadership skills
  • Excellent Ability to work under pressure
  • Strong Adaptability
  • Strong Assimilation
  • Good Change Management
  • Strong Written communication
  • Strong Conceptual thinking/ Procedure
  • Strong Conflict management skills
  • Strong Customer orientation
  • Strong Customer service
  • Excellent Commitment
  • Strong Corporate awareness
  • Strong Delegation
  • Excellent Flexibility
  • Excellent Independence
  • Strong Initiative
  • Strong Intercultural awareness
  • Strong Interpersonal skills
  • Strong Judgment
  • Strong Management skills
  • Strong Negotiating skills
  • Excellent Professionalism
  • Excellent Reliability
  • Excellent Responsibility
  • Strong Team Work


  • In accordance with rules and regulations, and given authorities
  • Conduct evaluation of staff, assess training needs, and participate in planning for training and development
  • Authorization of overtime as deemed appropriate


*CV/Resume required.

*Cover letter required.

*Company may provide relocation assistance.

Your benefit

  • Flight discounts
  • 401k plan
  • 60 Sick Days
  • Education
  • Family Policy
  • Flex Holidays
  • Health Dependents
  • Live Insurance
  • Long Diability
  • Short Diability
  • Vacation Days
Flight discounts Flight discounts
401k plan 401k plan
60 Sick Days 60 Sick Days
Education Education
Family Policy Family Policy
Flex Holidays Flex Holidays
Health Dependents Health Dependents
Live Insurance Live Insurance
Long Diability Long Diability
Short Diability Short Diability
Vacation Days Vacation Days

About Lufthansa Cargo AG

Lufthansa Cargo Aktiengesellschaft, headquartered in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, is a subsidiary of Deutsche Lufthansa Aktiengesellschaft. Lufthansa Cargo ranks among the world’s leading air freight carriers and currently employs about 4,150 people worldwide. Lufthansa Cargo focuses on the airport-to-airport business. The cargo carrier serves around 300 destinations in more than 100 countries with its own fleet of freighters, the belly capacities of passenger aircraft operated by the Lufthansa Group and an extensive road feeder service network. The bulk of the cargo volume is routed through Frankfurt Airport.
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